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Beginner Guitar Lesson #1 | What You Actually NEED to Know

If you're here - I'm assuming you're new to guitar and looking for the easiest way to get started without all the boring stuff (*cough* music theory).

To be honest - I really don't want to bother you with it either. Or your guitar might become just a dusty accent piece in your room.

The goal of most beginner guitarists to is learn how to play their favorite songs. That's it. If that's you, then there's only 3 things you need to get started:

1. Memorizing the parts of the guitar - so you know what a "fret" is.

2. How to tune your guitar, so your strings are always sounding their best.

3. And how to read chord charts + tab, so you can learn how to play your favorite songs.

This is a page out of my e-book from my beginner guitar course that takes you from day 1 (knowing absolutely nothing about guitar) to being able to play your favorite songs with my 7 day practice planner (a step by step guide) to help you create more focused and fun practice sessions!

And to get you started - watch this 1st lesson where you'll learn how to play something within the first 30 seconds!


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