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Best Gifts for Guitar Players in 2023

Whether you're shopping for a newbie guitar player or a well-seasoned shredder, don't fret! There's bound to be something on this list that will amp up any guitarist's holiday!

Note: some links are affiliate and if you make a purchase, I do earn a small commission to help me continue teaching guitar!

1.) Wood guitar strap - these gorgeous solid wood guitar straps by Revo Guitar Straps make incredible gifts for any guitarist to add some style to their jam!

I have the "Tigerwood Bullet" model, which currently isn't available, but they have an amazing selction to choose from on their website!

Annnnddd they have a holiday special!

Holiday Special!

  • Free Wooden Gift Box with Each Strap ($15 value)

  • Free Shipping and Free Returns/Exchanges on All Orders ($15 value)

  • Use TAKE10 to save $10 on any non-Cocobolo strap

2.) Song Notebook - there is nothing more handy for a beginner guitarist than to have an organized space to document all their favorite songs, especially if they love to journal! There is space for multiple chord progressions, strumming patterns, and tabs. Choose from hardcover or paperback!

Created and designed by my husband, Cody, aka "The Groovy Guitar Dude"! I am super proud of him for putting this cute notebook together. He's a note-taker even as an advanced guitarist himself. He loves to write everything down!

Please note: may arrive after Christmas!

3.) Guitar Goddess Capo - for that guitarist in your life who loves shiny things or something on the "earthy side". Choose from rose gold, brushed bronze, or wood grain. Each capo comes with 3 celluloid GG picks, a built-in pin puller to help remove bridge pins when it's time for a string change, and the gorgeous Guitar Goddess logo!

Holiday deal: save $5 off each additoinal capo and receive free shipping on orders of $50 or more!

4.) Positive Grid Spark Go - this travel-friendly 5 watt smart guitar amp + bluetooth speaker is the perfect on-the-go practice anywhere gear!

Use the app to select search from 50,000 tonal options - hundreds of guitar amps and pedals to concoct your perfect tone or search for pre-made tones for your favorite artists shared by other Positive Grid users! Plug in with headphones to practice without disturbing your neighbors and to have practice privacy.

Save $15 and get free shipping during Positive Grid's holiday sale!

Or purchase between 12/21 - 12/25 for only $99!!

5.) Candles - Okay. I know what you're thinking, but hear me out. Imagine creating a guitar practice routine that is a total vibe.

For me that's having a hot cozy drink and lighting a candle to set the mood for picking up my guitar.

My personal favorite recently has been Coast + Salt's "Java" candle. It's a blend of coffee and coconut - two of my favorite scents and it smells just like a coffee shop, which is mood I'm usually going for!

This is actually a local beachy brand I love that creates hand-poured clean-burning candles!

Use my code: GG15 for 15% off your Coast + Salt purchase!

6.) Elixir strings - treat your guitarist to some premium coated strings!

My husband and I don't use anything other than Elixir for all of our guitars. They feel so perfectly smooth and play amazingly!

Our favorite recommendation is the 80/20 Bronze HD Light 13 - 53 gauge. It gives a very bright, full, and focused tone. And with the coating, these strings last far longer that uncoated strings. Makes a perfect stocking stuffer!

7.) Sweetwater Gift Card - not sure what to gift them? A giftcard is perfect!

Give the gift of music with a Sweetwater Giftcard! Sweetwater is America's largest music store and offers 2 day shipping. They have everything a musician could ever desire.

8.) Guitar Picks - because every guitarist needs more picks.

We just launched guitar picks in the store, but if you purchase one of our capos, it comes with all 3 picks!

9.) Beginner Guitar Bundle - the perfect lesson set for the newbie guitarist.

My beginner guitar bundle is a combo of both of my courses:

  • Don't Fret. Everything's O'capo Beginner Guitar Course

  • Barre Chord Breakthrough

It's the perfect place to start for a beginner guitarist from Day 1 to barre chords and right now it's 50% off!

for guitar newbies that want just the basics.

This groovy brief beginner guitar course created by my husband, Cody, teaches you everything you need to know in 15 minutes to get started playing your favorite songs. And it's currently on sale for only $10!

What suggestions do you have for guitar gifts? Share yours in the comments!



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