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Beginner Guitar Course

Just starting out on guitar? 

This full beginner course has everything you need from buying your first guitar to playing your favorite songs!

No more aimlessly "trying to figure it out." No theory. No boring stuff. No BS.

With this easy step-by-step ebook + video course, you'll have all the tools you need.


  • 17 dynamic video lessons

  • Interactive, colorful e-book

  • 7 day practice planner

  • 10 tips for perfect chords

  • Chord transition "hacks"

  • Motivation, goal-setting + more!


- Rosy, MD

“I learned how to transition faster and I am now able to play songs, which was also a struggle that I hadn’t mastered, but with the help of this course and practice, I can finally play my favorite songs.”

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- Andreina, NC

“This course made me want to learn even more than I did when I actually bought the guitar!


It made it less intimidating and more like a friend was showing you her tricks.”

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“Do not think twice. You won't need to do your own research, put together things all by yourself or watch millions of YouTube tutorials just to find the answer to a question you are not even sure how to ask (trust me I've been there).

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- Jessica, Italy

Still wondering if this course if for you? Check out this preview here.

Let's Get Started!

Let's Get Started!

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