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7 day practice planner+.png

The 7 day practice planner+ is an upgrade from the original planner (recommended for beginners) that provides extra help perfecting your chords + transitions, which are the two most important skills for  playing full songs.


7 day practice planner+

Frustrated with trying to learn how to play songs +  struggling to play them full through? 

The 7 day practice planner+ has everything you need for a highly effective practicing routine.

No more aimlessly "trying to figure it out." If you follow the steps, you'll be playing your favorite songs at a much improved pace!


  • 5 dynamic video lessons

  • 43 page interactive, colorful e-book

  • 7 day practice planner

  • 10 tips for perfect chords

  • Chord transition "hacks"

  • Motivation, goal-setting + more!