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Guitar Goddess

Hi, I'm Shell...

I'm your guitar guide, your friend, and your biggest cheerleader.

Welcome to the Guitar Goddess Community. If we haven't met before, I'm grateful that you are here.


My mission is to help new guitarists through the rocky beginning stages and guide them along the way to building their self-confidence while creating a practice routine that can easily fit into any day that feels unique, enjoyable and relaxing.


Join the community

See you soon!

Guitar Goddess Capo Collection

catch eyes with these gorgeous designs

choose from:

- brushed bronze

- wood grain

- rose gold

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Guitar Goddess capos
Wood grain capo
Wood grain capo - side
Brushed bronze capo
Rose gold capo
Guitar Goddess capo collection
7 day practice planner cover.png
planning guitar lessons.jpg

learning guitar should be fun. not a boring to-do.


developing a practice routine that is both focused + fun makes the time you spend practicing effective.

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