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don't fret. everything's o'capo.

Learn how to play guitar in the comfort of your home - without having to leave your couch. Your space is the learning place!

learn how to play guitar without

a.k.a "the boring stuf

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Don't Fret
Everything's O'capo

Beginner Guitar Course

your guide to learning how to play guitar with confidence

  • 35$
Don't Fret. Everything's O'capo.
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what people say

Rosy, MD

"I learned how to transition faster and I am now able to play songs, which was also a struggle I hadn't mastered, but with the help of this course and practice, I can finally play my favorite songs."

Andreina, NC

This course made me want to learn even more than I did when I actually bought the guitar!

It made it less intimidating and more like a friend was showing you her tricks."

Jessica, Italy

Do not think twice. You won't need to do your own research, put together things all by yourself, or watch millions of YouTube tutorials just to find the answer to a question you are not even sure how to ask (trust me, I've been there.)

learning guitar online is like taking a road trip without directions. maybe you've pulled over to ask for help, but still ended up lost...

you've probably skipped around multiple videos on youtube

collecting random tips.

and chances are, you're struggling to see real progress.

because you haven't found a practice strategy that works for YOU.

Image by Caleb George

there are a lot of different destinations, so you need to know exactly where you want to go. because if you're unclear, someone may point you in the opposite direction.

for example: if you want to play like John Mayer, you wouldn't ask for tips from Taylor Swift (even though she's an excellent rhythm guitarist), because she doesn't offer the same skillset.

however: if you want to jam around the campfire with some friends and be able to play any song with a few chords, strumming + light picking - Taylor would be the perfect teacher for you!

that isn't to say that John Mayer isn't a good campfire teacher either, but his approach might be more complex than what you're looking for.

who is this course for?

beginner guitarists
who need help with:

  • the basics - tuning, reading chord charts, etc.

  • playing perfect, clean chords

  • transitioning chords flawlessly with confidence

  • figuring out how to play their favorite songs easily

  • creating a unique practice routine that is focused + fun

Photo Jan 04, 1 25 18 PM.jpg

my "top 10 tips for perfect chords" will have you playing flawless, clean chords.

10 tips perfect chords 3.png
chord transition tips 2.png

transition from one chord to the next with confidence using my chord transition hacks.

learn how to create a practice space + routine that's inspires you to actually want to practice!


what makes this beginner guitar course different from other courses?

i'm glad you asked.

it was inspired by exactly what I would have wanted and needed when I was a guitar beginner.

i took lessons in person with teachers that were really cool, but didn't provide me with advice on how to practice at home.

they just said
"practice this at home."

for me, that wasn't helpful.

I had to figure out
how to practice.

what exactly to practice
and when

and how to make it fun, so I didn't get bored with it.

how to practice guitar.JPG

if you have been skipping from song to song, never fully playing them through...

what you need is a better practice routine and understanding of what to practice and when.

once you know how to practice guitar, you'll be able to start playing songs from start to finish instead of avoiding certain chords and struggling your way through a song.

guitar finger pain.JPG

when I created this beginner guitar course, it wasn't just about teaching how to play guitar.

it was always my mission to help people like you find a way to enjoy the learning process.

sucking at something at first doesn't have to suck. it can be fun!

but, I also wanted to leave you with some actionable steps to approach learning new songs, so that you know how to overcome struggles with clean chords, transitioning, strumming and putting it altogether!

this course includes:

  • 17 dynamic video lessons

  • Interactive, colorful e-book

  • 7 day practice planner

  • 10 tips for perfect chords

  • Chord transition "hacks"

  • Motivation, goal-setting + more!

Beginner guitar course cover.png
  • 35$

meet your guitar guide:

Hi, I’m Michelle - you can also call me “Shell” like a seashell 🐚 I do actually live by the sea🌊 I’m sooooo close to being Shell sells shells by the seashore.

You may know me from my YouTube Channel, “Guitar Goddess.” I started teaching guitar back in 2009 for fun and just to earn a little cash on the side teaching kids in my town while I was in college, and over time, it became my full-time job online.

Which is super cool, just absolutely a dream.

This course was inspired by the idea of exactly what I would have loved to have when I was first learning how to play guitar.

  • Is it $15/month or $15 for the entire course?
    It's a one time only payment of $15 that gives you full unlimited access to both the course e-book and videos.
  • How long do I have access to the course for?
    Unlimited access. This course is not running on a limited time frame. You will be able to log in and access the course as you need.
  • Who is this course for?
    This course is for beginner guitarists with very little to no experience.
  • How quickly will I start playing songs?
    The course provides all of the tools for success, but it's up to the student to put that information into a consistent practice routine. This topic is discussed in the course to provides tips for developing effective, focused and fun practice sessions!
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Refunds are not offered for products that are digital.
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