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Summer Strummin'

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Ready to have your best summer yet?

To participate, register to be a participant in the Summer Strummin' Series, by filling out the required info, submit, and check your email!

Everyone who enters will be eligible to win a pack of Elixir Strings. 


You will need to use a public Instagram account to be eligible for the Bundle Prize Packs (set of Elixir Strings, GG capo or set of picks, and a guitar course from Guitar Goddess or The Groovy Guitar Dude).

Learn new songs. Make friends. Win prizes.

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Once you are registered:


1.) Make sure your Instagram profile is set to public. This ensures that we can see you participating in the series and so you can connect with the community!


2.) Post video check-ins of yourself practicing/playing songs you are working on. Even though it's Instagram, we're not looking for perfection here. We want to see your raw practice sessions! Mistakes, authenticity, and vulnerability are embraced!

3.) Tag each post with #summerstrummin24, so us and the community can see and engage with your posts!


4.) Follow #summerstrummin24 on Instagram! This will help you see + engage with posts from others in the Summer Strummin' Community!


5.) Follow @guitargoddesstv @thegroovyguitardude @elixir_strings to stay updated with the Summer Strummin' Series and daily winner announcements!


6.) Don't forget to have fun! Summer Strummin' is all about making your practice sessions fun and uplifting others!

enter to win a pack of Elixir Strings!

and one bundle prize each day including a capo, picks + course access!

enter between 6/21 - 7/5

Choose your favorite acoustic Elixir® Strings!

Check your inbox!

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